Sanne [Zan-Nuh] is a British tailoring house founded by Lena McCroary. Full of character and off-beat classicism, visiting the house is no less than a unique experience.

The concept behind Sanne is to create two collections a year of innovatively cut, tailored pieces with exclusive cloth that will be showcased to private customers - to inspire them, and show them the sheer quality of each and every piece we create.

Quality, creativity and attention to detail are of the utmost priority when it comes to material selection and garment construction. This claim is justified through the processing of the finest materials, such as cashmere and merino wool, high-quality silk or rich alpaca. The core brand values are perfect quality, recognisable comfort through distinctive touch and feel as well as impeccable fit.

Sanne also casts its creative eye beyond the boundaries of fashion, to include collaborations in art, film and culture as a key reference to the brand.